1. CESTARS INTRODUCTION CESTARS is the Loyalty Program practiced at CESTA16. The Loyalty Program allows earning of discount and benefits for programme or activities organized by CESTA16. CESTARS also offers exclusive member’s privilege. 1.1 APPLICATION FEES To be CESTARS, the entrance fee is RM50 and for annual fee is RM10. 1.2 APPLICATION CESTARS application can only be done at www.cesta16.com/cestarsclub, walk-in registration at CESTA16 office or at any event organized by CESTA16. 1.3 CESTARS CARD CESTARS card are issued at CESTA16 to new members. For members who registered online, CESTA16 will post CESTARS card to mailing address given. 1.4 CESTARS REGISTRATION To join, members must (a) be aged 6 years & over. Members under 18 years old must get permission from their parents; (b) complete CESTARS application form with correct and valid information; and (c) agree to receive CESTARS emails regarding activities information/promotions/contest. 1.5 CESTARS EXPIRY Annual fee is required for CESTAR members to get all the benefits from CESTA16 Notice will be given to members if payment has not been made. If there are no responded given from the members, CESTA16 have the right to terminate the membership. 2. EXCLUSIVE BENEFITS 2.1 PRIVILEGES a) Earn discount and extra promotion for any activities and programmes organized by CESTA16. b) be part of CESTA16 family and experience to handle our programme. 2.2 NO GUARANTEE CESTA16 does not guarantee or warrant that any or all of the privileges of the program will be available at all times. CESTA16 reserves the right to change, modify, limit or cancel any of the program privileges at all time. This includes increasing or decreasing any requirements for a benefit, changing the value of benefits or limiting the availability of rewards. 3. CARD PROCESS 3.1 NEW CARD CESTARS members that have registered at www.cesta16.com/cestarsclub or at CESTA16 office will be entitled to the CESTARS Card. For online registration, CESTARS are required to produce name, identity card no. / passport no, emails address corresponding to their online account to validate their request for the CESTARS Card. For registration at CESTA16 office, the CESTARS card will be issued at registration of a new member. 3.2 REPLACEMENT CARD To obtain a replacement card, please fill a Request Form and complete Replacement Card. 3.3 LOST / DAMAGED CARD a) A replacement card fee of RM2.00 will be charged. b) If the card is lost and the CESTARS member forgot the card number, Member is required to provide: c) Name, contact number, email address and identity Card No or Passport No. d) Produce valid Identity Card or Passport to validate identity. e) Damaged cards are a result of negligence or improper use (ex. carrying the card unprotected in one’s pocket, exposing the card to water or sun for a long time, etc.). 4. PERSONAL DATA UPDATE 4.1 INFORMATION UPDATE To update information such as address, phone number, email address, please log on to the member’s website (www.cesta16.com/cestarsclub) and update your profile. 4.2 CHANGE PASSWORD CESTARS member can change their online account password after logging in the member’s page and updating their profile and password page. 4.3 FORGOT PASSWORD CESTARS member must log on to the member’s website (www.cesta16.com/cestarsclub) and click ‘Forgot Password’ tab at the log in page. The CESTARS member will be prompted a temporary password that will sent to the email address registered. 5. TERMINATION AND LIABILITY 5.1 If in CESTA16’s reasonable opinion, a Member is using their Membership in an abusive or fraudulent way, has failed to comply with these Term and Conditions, has commit an unlawful act or cause wilful damage to the CESTA16’s property, CESTA16 has the right to: a) Immediately terminate their Membership b) Suspend their Membership temporarily until further notice; and/or c) Reverse or cancel any benefits and or other privileges that member has accrued. 5.2 Fraud or abuse concerning the Membership and/or privileges may be subject to appropriate administrative and/or legal action by CESTA16. 5.3 On the death of the person who is a Member, the Membership will automatically terminate. 5.4 CESTA16 reserves the right to terminate the Program at any time without assigning any reason or giving any prior notice. 5.5 All privileges, offers, and rewards will be forfeited on termination of a Membership or on termination of the Program. CESTA16 will have no further liability to any Member on termination of the Member’s Membership or termination of the Program. 6. CONTACT US If you have any questions or queries, kindly contact us via Contact No: 011-20801805 (Mon-Fri 3.30pm-10.00pm except public holidays) Feedback form at www.cesta16.com/contacts Email us at [email protected] Drop a message at our Facebook page, @CESTA16